Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Attack of the Theocons

I read this article with some interest, in that many of those "theocons" I agreed with on the war with Iraq (except on the issue of it's our duty to give people "democracy.") Of course, I was labeled a neo-conservative by many of my traditionalist friends, and there was some very interesting debates on the issue, especially with fellow team member Michael Brendan Dougherty.

Yet here's something the "theocons" fail to understand. Many of these men vehemently opposed the Pope on the Iraq war, and rightly so I argue. They will explain their justification that the issue was not a doctrinal one, but rather a political\prudential one. I'm sorry, but that's the same thing us traditionalists have said all along against these same theocons who have a vehement hatred of traditionalists.

It might have been interesting to also point out the fact that the theocons are rigid in Catholic social doctrine, yet promote Bishops(or excuse them is the better term) who are actively opposed to Catholic social doctrine, and refuse to criticize those in Italy who are against Catholic social doctrine. The theocon idea in application is as flawed as the Neo-Catholic, then again, almost every theocon is a Neo-Catholic.